Food- part 1

The word “food” plugs happiness into a sentence. Did you ever think about it? What’s more is that I often find myself saying the word “food” affectionately.

God gave us food to survive but also to enjoy. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last six months in North Africa. Of course, I’ve been enjoying food since I was born, but here are some of my more recent gustatory experiences:

A lovely North African breakfast: bread, yogurt, coffee or tea, eggs, and meat. (This breakfast is slightly Americanized because most don’t eat meat for breakfast.)
At lunch, a cold salad is often served, at least for guests
The main dish often includes meat and vegetables to be eaten with bread and olives
And if you’re a tourist, you may even get real plates and silverware to eat with instead of eating out of the common dish!
Food is even better with fresh orange juice
On Fridays–the holy day– couscous is the standard fare. And dessert is usually a fruit of some sort: oranges, apples, watermelon, etc.

One thought on “Food- part 1

  1. So interesting! And such healthy-looking fare–I’ll bet no one gets fat in North Africa.

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