Food- part 4

My experience with the Spanish cuisine has been limited to the two trips I’ve made while living in North Africa. While I would say I prefer North African food, there are a few things that the Spanish do really well, such as bread, pastries, olives, and of course, coffee.

I’m sure I’ll have more things to say as I experience more of what the country has to offer!

My first taste of Spain: McDonald’s. I don’t even like McDonald’s.
Café con helado (coffee with ice cream)
Delicious pasteries
Chocolate and coffee for breakfast
Or churros and coffee…
And olives. Lots and lots of olives. And there is a reason that Spain is famous for olives.
When all else fails, try octopus. I tried this in a “tapa” bar, a restaurant where you order a drink (alcoholic or non) and choose an appetizer to go along with each drink you order. Because the portions are small, this is a great way to try new foods you’re not sure you will like… such as octopus!

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