Too many hours on a train

bicycles trailing behind large bus

I find that when I am forced to be inactive for a length of time, I begin to wonder things I normally don’t take time to think about.

Such as:

Is it only those with rushed, complicated lives that can appreciate the simple? Can those who are simple truly appreciate their simplicity when they’ve never experienced anything different? So then, can simplicity only be fully appreciated by those who don’t have it? And can the complicated life ever go back to being simple or does it always carry its baggage of experience with it? Can the process of losing simplicity ever be reversed? In short, can one both know and appreciate their own simplicity?

5 thoughts on “Too many hours on a train

  1. My question is, “What is simplicity, exactly?” My Mom and Dad have lived simply all their lives and consciously chosen simple joys and lifestyle–and yet their lives are anything but simple (that’s probably the fault of us children) 🙂 But in any life, there is a multitude of complexities, and even those who choose to live simply, like Mom and Dad, find a whole set of complexities that come with that choice.

    1. My thoughts were trailing along the idea of simplicity of choice. Many people don’t seem to be affected by big life choices because they don’t really seem to have those choices: Where should I live? What occupation? What should I study at the university?

      Often because of their location and/or level of poverty, their lives are decided for them before they are born. I’m not saying that some don’t break out of that, but from an outsider’s perspective, most don’t even consider it an option.

      But I know what you mean about choosing to live simply–my parents have chosen the same path. Maybe those that chose to live simply can both know and appreciate it.

      But also, making the conscious choice takes away from the simplicity, right? Or am I talking myself in circles? 🙂

      1. I would never want to give up my freedom of choice–and yet I am sure there is a certain freedom from decisions people without options have that that is refreshing. They have to make the best of the situation they are in, unlike some of who hop from situation to situation unable to make up our minds.

        Still, I would never willingly give up my choices.

        And I actually do believe one can choose simplicity. It’s sorta like (not) reading swear words in a book. Yes, you actually have to read them to skip over them, but the act of moving on and choosing not to linger on those words actually does help to keep them from sticking in your mind.

        I think those who consciously choose simplicity–which is really choosing a purity, a single gaze of mind and thought–receive what they have chosen.

      2. Great thoughts! I like the idea of being consciously simple because it shows awareness that is not due to a lack of opportunity or intelligence.

  2. Fascinating ideas. Now you’ve taken away the simplicity of my afternoon and made my head spin in circles. 😛

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