Stratified society

What makes the difference between the crippled man stumbling down the street in search of someone who will take pity on him and the man who steps around him, well-dressed and on his way somewhere?

Is it just the result of personal choices and generations of personal choices? Or is it something bigger, out of human control? Can it be chance? A lottery of God’s blessing? Is there really even a difference, or is it our fallen human perception? As in, is the difference merely physical or also in our spirits?

What makes me a choice immigrant and my sub-Saharan neighbors a “nuisance” to society? What have I done to deserve my status? Nothing.

We, the bright layers of a stratified society, see each other every day, but do we feel each other? Wouldn’t the world look different if we felt each other? What would happen if we stopped coexisting and started to love?

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