Unlike ourselves

A couple of months ago, I pulled out a book* to read to my nephew. Of course, I’m always assuming that his attention span is longer than it is, and he was soon off playing with his toys. But I stayed where I was, studying the tiny drawings and contemplating the book’s message.


Maybe this book has an agenda. (I’m not very good at seeing through subtle schemes.) However, this book was written in 1980, before modern “inclusiveness” and “acceptance” movements.

And I like the book. The pages stroll through our differences: looks, clothes, personalities, preferences, talents, foods, religions, jobs, social classes, languages, etc.

And after exploring these areas, the book states matter-of-factly, “And in the end we all must die.” Although we are so different from each other, one thing is certain across all nations: death. It sorta levels our differences, doesn’t it?


“It is very strange: Some people even hate others because they are unlike themselves. Because they are different. They forget that they too would seem different if they could only see themselves through other people’s eyes.”

So maybe this book does have an agenda. But I prefer to interpret it on my own terms: Yes, we’re different. Some differences are good. Some are bad. But many differences aren’t good or bad—just different. Don’t measure others by your own standard; let God’s standard do the measuring.

In short, this is a book I hope my nephew has the attention span to absorb someday when he is more than just 16-months-old.


*This book is available on amazon.

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