Thank you for the homesickness

houseplace with green grass and trees

When I think of my family, friends, and church at home, the word that comes to mind right now is “thank you.”

Thank you for the strength I feel behind me. When I struggle, you gently carry me along with your prayers, encouragement, and advice. When I am happy, you rejoice with me. And you tell me about life at home like I’m still one of you. I am still one of you.

You give me a reason to be homesick. Not every day. But some days it rushes over me and I feel lost, pretty sure that I will drown. And I do for a little, overwhelmed with the sorrow of what has been and probably would have continued being had I not moved here. But then I lift my hands in surrender (literally sometimes), let my tears dry, and blow my nose. Life goes on.

“God, I’m not questioning my calling; I’m just feeling the hurt right now.”

I’m thankful for technology– emails, phone calls, video chats and such– but it’s not the same.

I wonder if Jesus ever felt homesick. He had sweet and constant communion with His Father. And then He left heaven to come to earth. Sure, He could pray to His Father. But it wasn’t the same. Sorta like a phone call.

But without that sweet communion, without something that emotionally ties us to “our” place, there would be no homesickness.

That’s why I say, “Thank you for the homesickness.” You have given me many reasons to miss you.

4 thoughts on “Thank you for the homesickness

  1. Oh, Tricia, this made my eyes water! Thanks for being so vulnerable about the lonely times. May our God give you grace to fill the quiet moments with His presence. Please know that you are dearly loved!

  2. I am in tears. I know what you mean about phone calls and for me skyping just isn’t the same. My heart aches for you. At the risk of making you more homesick, Albert was looking at a small book that had pictures of your family. He stopped at your picture and pointed at it and grunted in his toddler language. I think he’ll know you when he sees you next. I pray God would grant you small delights and joys to make some of this easier. I miss you.

    1. Awww. This does make me miss home! Then again, maybe his grunt meant “Imposter! What’s she doing in my book of da-das?”
      Thank you for the prayers. It’s not easy, but at the same time, it’s a privilege to serve God, even if it happens to be far away from family. And I miss you too. Will you be around this summer?

      1. Haha! Definitely did not mean imposter! Yes. As far as I know, we’ll be around this summer. We have to go back two weeks in April. Our place sold. So we have to move our and Jolene’s stuff into one of our rentals. Jolene wants to get a dog, which Jerry approved as long as he’s outside. This place is a little more secluded and she wants some protection.

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