20 more things I’m thankful for

trees casting shadows over a stream
  1. A night full of sleep and an unresented morning
  2. Early morning messages that change the day’s agenda
  3. Together giggles to lighten a disturbing situation
  4. Handwashed clothes dripping into floor puddles
  5. Picnic lunches that are fun to pack and fun to eat
  6. A little boy casting shadows on an unceasing stream
  7. Giddy laughter and story-telling from children having fun
  8. A clock with a slow heartbeat
  9. Maps covering the wall
  10. The trickle of filtering water
  11. Creamy iced coffee
  12. Honesty that comes genuinely but not harshly
  13. The far away booms of fireworks
  14. Black mountain silhouettes
  15. A thousand nooks and crannies of foothills
  16. The delight of gift-giving
  17. Old city streets baked in the sun
  18. Cool tile floors
  19. Days that don’t end in the woes I had imagined
  20. Plan B when Plan A vanishes

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