2 thoughts on “Visiting Córdoba

  1. Trish, I just saw these pictures this morning, such pristine beauty. Thanks for sharing your world.

    My heart was with you during the night, praying that God would surround you with His tender love. I can imagine every fiber of your soul longs to be home with your family right now. There is something about death of a dear family member that draws scattered people together in oneness. My prayer for you today is that you will treasure the multitude of memories with your grandma and thank God for the legacy she passed onto you. She was a woman of quiet strength, content to stay in the background. She often commented to Steve about his messages, which said she continued growing in her relationship with her Lord. Last night we got to the hospital right before she passed away. We didn’t go in the room, but visited quite awhile with Keith. He expressed my thoughts well: ” Dad was a successful businessman, but mom was the one who tempered him and made him the man he was”.

    May God give you rest today. With much love! Lois

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