Belated birthday trip: Florence

Italian bicycles leaning against wall

Our final stop was Florence, Italy. Since we had already done a quick tour of Pisa the same day, we arrived tired… but still had a long walk to reach our airbnb (due to a [not-so-slight] miscalculation). Our little suitcase rattled long-sufferingly along behind us.

We had to wait for our host to come with the keys. In the meantime, we met some friendly Italians who were curious what we were doing so far out of tourist territory.

We spend 3 1/2 nights in Florence. During the day, we ate, napped, met a few nice people, and browsed the city. Since none of us are touristy at heart, we were less impressed by the normal touristy places and more impressed by the food.

street in florence, italy
white vintage car in front of house with wooden door
florence countryside
florence cityscape
Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo.
corner of duomo
The Duomo was more impressive from the lookout where you could see more than just a corner of it at a time.
flowers in windows with green shutters
bridge over the arno river
We spent a lot of time strolling along the Arno. This bridge is the Ponte Vecchio, known for being lined with little shops (and too many tourists).
crowded marketplace
The market place was not our favorite stop. We unanimously decided we didn’t need souvenirs after all and headed home.
plate of gnocchi
Give me rice over pasta any day… unless I’m in Italy. The gnocchi and bucatini were so amazing that we have yet to recover.
pasta aisle of grocery store
The pasta aisle in an average grocery store. And these are only the dry pasta options.
elderly man standing behind gelato counter
We read up on what makes gelato worthwhile. This man had nailed it… and his shop was close enough for us to swing by more than once.
cup and saucer with italian coffee
And the coffee was always worth our while, even when we sipped our cappuccino after 11 a.m. like the ignorant tourists that we were.

We left Florence at 3:30 a.m. and spent most of the day racing from one mode of transportation to the next, with several heart-stopping moments when we thought all was lost (hello, train to Bologna). We made it back to Almería by 10:30 p.m., exhausted. No one seemed interested in brainstorming for our 40th birthday trip. 🙂

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