Quiet servant

woman sitting on floor peeling potatoes with knife

When we serve, how many of us are merely serving ourselves?

We maintain such a publicly busy schedule that people praise us when we do some act of service. What a sacrifice to give of ourselves and our schedules! And we are gratified when our sacrifice is acknowledged. 

But what about those who are quietly serving, who don’t trumpet their schedule so that others ooh and aah? They may be sitting with the dying, tending to the sick, helping to clean another’s house. But quietly, and without verifying that the whole world knows what a gem they are.

When these quiet servants show up to serve at a church function, we assume it is as it should be because they probably had nothing better to do anyway. After all, they’re not busy. The ones who should receive the praise are the ones who sacrifice their busyness. 

Maybe you’re the busy one, declaring on social media or to your small group at church just how busy and important you are… and how sacrificially you gave of yourself today. Maybe your attempt at service is much more about yourself than God or those you are serving. (I know how this goes because I find myself here far too often!)

Or maybe you are the quiet servant. May God bless you. Your love for the Lord has placed you in the woodwork and you’re courageous enough to stay there.

2 thoughts on “Quiet servant

  1. This is so thought provoking. I am afraid way to often I’m serving for my own glory. I love the way you shared about the blessing of serving quietly. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know that feeling. That sense of pride that creeps into good works. And that hope that someone will notice.
      But serving–truly serving–doesn’t let us focus on ourselves, or even really on whom we are serving…but on God.

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