Experiencing Eid Kbir

kebabs on small charcoal grill

I could write a lot of things about this important holiday, but this post isn’t meant to be informational or theological. It’s is simply a snapshot of what my last couple of days have looked like. Granted, I decided not to display gruesome images of animal slaughter (thus limiting my photo options).

The first couple of photos are from the days before Eid. The city began to fill with the bleating of sheep and shops sold the necessities for the special day. Some shops even closed as their owners traveled. This is the country’s biggest holiday of the year.

Then, I had the chance to experience the celebration firsthand. I guess the first sign that Eid was upon us was when the neighbors moved a cow and then a sheep into their courtyard below my window. Soon the sheep’s bleating was only one of many others ricocheting off the concrete walls.

On Sunday evening, I joined my friend and her family for the Monday celebration. My head is spinning with the lifetime I feel like I lived in those two days. To my credit, I tasted a bit of everything that was served. The first meal of liver and heart kebabs with a side of spleen wasn’t too bad. But by evening, I admit that my mind refused to go over matter with the stomach and lungs dish. And what was worse was getting up in the morning to a breakfast of the head and feet. At least, now that I’m on the other side of it, I can look back and smile. I think my sampling of meat dishes until this point has been too tame!

bags and piles of charcoal in marketplace
Many little stands and shops sold charcoal to fill the thousands of grills around the city.
busy old city street and man hauling sheep in cart
One way of carrying your sheep home
sheep tied with blue rope
chopped liver and strips of fat on wooden table
Preparing for grilled liver and heart kebabs, also known as بولفاف
chopped brain and eggs in frying pan
Brain and eggs for breakfast, anyone?
loaves of fresh round bread
And of course, fresh bread with all of this!

2 thoughts on “Experiencing Eid Kbir

  1. There are times when I rather envy you. And there are times when I most certainly don’t. I’ll let you guess which it is right now. 🙂

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